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About Us

In the 1970s, the production unit of plastics was born under the name ‘Monokroussos’ until 2005, when it was sold and it was operating as ‘Davleris-Monokroussos s.a.’.

Ever since, the company is also representing foreign companies in the Greek market and from 1 January 2017 is working under the name A.DABLER S.A. All the company’s products are sold through stores of electric equipment in the Greek market, while they are also sold in European countries (e.x. Romania, Hungary, Moldavia etc) through the company ‘DABLEROM’ ( which is set in the city of Cluz-Napoca in Romania.


The company A.DABLER S.A., which is 100% Greek, has its own facilities of 3.500 m2  at Makrygialos Pierias.